Attended Access Download

Allow OCS IT to remotely access this computer under your supervision

Following the below instructions can help you download RemotePC Attended Access application onto your computer, which will allow the OCS IT team to access and control your computer remotely once you install and provide access permission.*

If your Computer uses a Windows Operating System, please click on the button ‘WIN’.
For Mac users, please click on ‘MAC’ button below.

Steps to get started

  1. Download and install RemotePC Attended Access App on your computer.
  2. Once configured, share the session code with your technician.
  3. Close the session window to disable attended access.
    Your Mac and Windows computer cannot be accessed until you download or run the app again.

*Only individuals with a valid session code, and username and password for this computer will be able to log in. If you are online, you will always receive an on-screen notification when an attempt is made to access your computer.


For assistance, please call us on 1300 01 04 01