Windows XP Support Has Ended

What is Windows XP end of support?
Microsoft provided support for Windows XP for the past twelve years. However the time came for us, along side our hardware and package partners, to take a position our resources toward supporting newer technologies so we are able to still deliver nice new experiences. As a result, technical help for Windows XP isn’t any longer obtainable, as well as automatic updates that facilitate protection of your laptop or pc.

Microsoft has conjointly stopped providing Microsoft Security Essentials for support on Windows XP. If you have already got Microsoft Security Essentials put in, you may still receive antimalware signature updates for a restricted time. However, please note that Microsoft Security Essentials (or the other antivirus software) can have restricted effectiveness on PCs that don’t have the newest security updates. This suggests that PCs running Windows XP won’t be secure and can still be in danger for infection.

What happens if I still use Windows XP?
If you still use Windows XP currently that support has finished, your pc can still work however it’d become additionally prone to security risks and viruses. Internet Explorer 8 is additionally not supported, thus if your Windows XP laptop is connected to the net and you employ Internet Explorer 8 to surf the net, you may be exposing your laptop to extra threats. Also, as additional package and hardware makers still optimize for newer versions of Windows, you’ll be encountering additional apps and devices that don’t work with Windows XP.

How do I keep protected?
To stay protected currently that support has finished, you’ve got 2 options:

Upgrade your current laptop
Very few older computers are able to run Windows ten, that is the latest version of Windows. We tend to advocate that you simply verify the Windows ten specifications page to seek out out if your laptop meets the system necessities for Windows ten. For additional information, browse the FAQ.

Get a brand new laptop
If your current laptop cannot run Windows ten, it’d be time to think about buying a brand new one. Make sure to explore our nice choice of latest PCs. They are powerful, light-weight, and classy than ever before—and with top value that is significantly more cost-effective than the common laptop was twelve years agone.

Call us to purchase a new computer or get advice on upgrading your old Windows XP system to Windows 10.