Windows 10 Launching In Australia Soon

Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. In the last few years, the company has come up with many different versions of Windows. The most popular and stable ones have been Windows 98, XP and 7. However, Microsoft did not stop here. It wasn’t long before the company released Microsoft 8.

When Windows came up with Windows 8, people were annoyed because of some major changes in the interface. The overall experience of working on Windows 8 wasn’t delightful for most users. Maybe this was the reason that Microsoft decided to skip Windows 9 altogether, and move on to Windows 10.

Recently, Microsoft announced Windows 10 Australia. This brand new operating system aims to resolve some issues people experienced with Windows 8. According to industry experts, the operating system comes with impressive and radical changes. It will change the way users work on their computers.

A lot of people were waiting for the return of the Start Menu. The revamped version features multitasking enhancements. With these special enhancements, users can customize the State Menu, and even resize it to include as many attractive and live tiles as they like. Microsoft has made available multiple desktops. It’s also easy to switch between different applications. This allows you to organize the computer to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Microsoft 10 Australia can be adapted for use across a wide range of devices. The new version of Windows will definitely appeal to both PC and touchscreen users. The design of Windows 10 is bold, intuitive and bright. With the new version of the operating system, the company believes it will satisfy every user.

Whether you love to play games on a computer or perform serious tasks in your business organization, you will have a smoother computing experience. Microsoft Windows 10 has been designed for engineers, gamers, writers and people from other walks of life wanting a customized and efficient tech experience.

Some Key Changes

As mentioned earlier, the company wants its new operating system to work on a wide range of devices. This includes many upcoming products, which form part of the IoT (Internet of Things) phenomenon. Some products include tablets, smartphones, desktop computers and laptops. In simple terms, Microsoft Windows 10 aims to unify all the products under a single blanket operating system.

Not every person believes Microsoft’s new operating system will lend itself to various devices with small and big screens equally. However, the company is confident of the new features, and claims that using the operating system on different devices won’t cause any problems.

Some people even questioned the return of the Start Menu. People think it doesn’t make any sense to combine different elements of Windows Desktop and Windows UI. But Microsoft thinks this step will make the entire computing experience smoother and delightful.

At the announcement of Windows 10 Australia, the command prompt was a major hit. Industry experts really like the command line interpreter on all kinds of Windows devices. This will help the users recognize popular shortcuts. People will also benefit from much improved text formatting. The feature has been loved by professional writers.

Cynics think that Microsoft is making efforts to unify the software because it accepts Windows 8 wasn’t up to par. However, the company thinks otherwise. According to Microsoft, the company understands the changing market and user needs. Thus, it wants people to enjoy a smoother computing experience on all the devices they use.

There’s no doubt that Windows 10 will bridge the gap between Microsoft’s desktop operating system and UI. In addition to this, Microsoft has also introduced a lot of innovations to enhance the user experience. However, it was still the naming of the new version that made the most noise on social media. People even mocked the skipping of the Windows 9 Tag. Most people weren’t expecting Microsoft to come up with this name, and skip the next in line.

According to reports, Windows 10 Australia will be available sometime in 2015. Currently, Windows 8 is available for $149. Some retailers on the Internet have even reduced prices. The company hasn’t confirmed the pricing for the new version of Windows. The rumor mill has been talking about a free upgrade or major discount for people using Windows 8.

Microsoft has always had a strong reputation of catering to its customers’ needs and requirements. With the new version of Windows, the company once again aims to win over the hearts of people around the world. However, it still remains to be seen whether people would like the changes introduced with Windows 10. One can only anticipate, but the real reaction will be noticeable in 2015.