Operating System Upgrade To Windows 7

Everyone wants life to be that little bit easier; and so Windows have responded by releasing an Operating System Upgrade which offers some great benefits for you to make sure you can be that little more efficient both at work, at home and while you are away.

A better desktop means you can navigate around your PC quicker than ever before. Pin your favourite programs for one-click access and get where you want in a flash.

And just to make sure your upgrade to a faster Operating System is also lots of fun, Windows 7 have added Snap, Peek and Shake functions just to help you juggle a series of open windows at any one time.

Better sharing capabilities with HomeGroup ensure that music, photos, videos and documents are easily shared between PCs, while speed and performance has also been maximised across the board.

Get wireless in a few clicks rather than a series of tasks, and Windows 7 Upgrade will even make sure that it remembers any network you have accessed, so next time it is an automatic process saving you lots of time.

This Operating Upgrade is big bang for your back pocket with a full gambit of extras. Windows Touch is one of the most exciting innovations allowing you to flip, zoom, select and rotate using your fingertips!

The Operating Upgrade has taken care of media streaming with a range of new features to explore.

One of the most exciting features of the upgrade is the Device Stage, a new platform for all your external devices in the one place, so you can manage everything from the one location.

All in all, the operating Upgrade to Windows 7 is a big win for users world-wide.

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