What Is A Surge Protector

Get Watt, you ask? Surge protection in your home and business cannot be undervalued. We know that one bolt of lightning can cause disaster to your IT hardware let alone everything else that is plugged in! It causes a spike in voltage which can spell disaster for everything that is plugged into the network.

But did you know that power surges occur across the power network are frequent and slowly degrade your equipment over time? In fact research shows that even lack of voltage can also do significant harm over time. This is where the need for surge protection for the corporate and domestic sector is really important to ensure you get the best out of your IT equipment for the long term.

Surge protectors will regulate the power to your equipment ensuing the right amount of voltage is provided at any one time. This will prevent an influx which at its worst can “fry” your unprotected equipment even to the point of smoking and may even cause house or business fires, let alone the damage to your equipment or loss of data.

Making sure you have surge protection is essential against both surges and spikes and a must have to ensure best practice in the workplace and safety around the home.

With a range of surge protectors available to meet a wide variance of needs, it’s important to make sure the surge protector is the right choice for your IT equipment or household appliances.

Surge protectors can be simply plugged into the general power outlet (GPO), connected through the phone line or connected externally through the power box, ensuring an entire premises is protected from surges and spikes.

Be sure and be safe with surge protectors.

  • Surge protectors protect your equipment
  • Surge protectors protect your life
  • Surge protectors generally range from $20-$300 for high end
  • The next level of protection is a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
  • Surge protectors should be used at minimum in all small businesses
  • Surge protectors sometimes comes with insurance liability coverage