Whats iCloud And Cloud Storage?

iCloud and cloud storage is a fast an easy way to share information across a range of devices. It’s safe, automatic and simple, offering you protection of your documents, pictures, videos and data.

As a safe alternative for backup online, it is simply a hard drive in the sky according to Apple. But there is more; it is a quick and easy way to access everything on the range of devices you use from phone, ipad, Mac, ipod touch and more.

Be up to date with calendars, contacts and emails synced across your devices. With no need to manage, iCloud does everything for you!

Set up iCloud in just a few steps and start your devices talking! You get plenty of storage with the purchase of all your new devices but in case you need more cloud storage you can upgrade very easily.

Cloud storage is the way of the future while cumbersome and expensive methods of physical storage will soon be redundant. This is great news meaning that your data is secure from break in, and damage to your equipment.

Simply access your data securely over the iCloud wherever and whenever you want. Yes, the days of a virtual office are here and you can access whatever you need worldwide while you sit poolside, under a palm tree or in the jungle so long as you have internet access!

A work tool and simply for entertainment and fun, the iCloud offers a complete solution to all your storage needs and keeps you connected across all your devices.
You’d have your head in the clouds not to use it!

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