A Cost Effective Backup Strategy For Your Business

In tough, competitive times, a lot of IT administrators in Australia have been working hard to find a cost effective backup strategy. External USB drives are an excellent choice to backup your data without spending a lot of money on IT costs. These days, you can even use portable storage devices to conveniently backup data whenever you want. Before we explain the key features of these external USB drives, let’s discuss 3 basic reasons why these drives are the best backup strategy for your business.

Easy to Use – There are many programs that offer one-click back to external USB drives. Most drives are even pre-configured with software to backup data on a scheduled basis. Due to this, installation is simple. You just need to plug the external drive into the USB port, and let your server recognize the drive. USB has comprehensive hardware and software features to easily connect various devices. These days, most backup software supports USB devices.

Cost-Effective – The best part about external USB drives is that they’re inexpensive. A 250 GB external USB drive is easily available for about $100. If you want more space, you can buy a 500 GB drive for about $300. The cost is way less than most tape drives available in the market. Moreover, there’s no additional media or software cost.

Flexibility – When you’re using some other backup strategy to backup your data, options seem limited. On the other hand, external USB drives are very portable. You can use an external USB drive to backup multiple computers at the same time.

Features of USB Drives Make Them the Best Backup Strategy

External USB drive offers a huge amount of space. Moreover, these drives plug and play instantly with most operating systems. Most drives come with pre-installed software for automatic scheduled backups. Last but not the least, these drives are much faster than DLT tapes and CDs.

These days, you can choose from a wide range of options in the market. Most external USB drives offer exceptional features. However, you might have to spend a little more money when you want all the features discussed below.

Vibration and Shock Protection – This features makes sure the drive is protected from knocks, drops or bumps. Most high end drives come with rubber corner bumpers. You should look for a hard drive that comes with a shock rating of more than 1,000 Gs.

It’s important to buy a USB external drive where the cable connection between the internal electrical interface board and hard drive isn’t compromised by vibration or shock. You should make sure the manufacturers offers a cable and you don’t need to hard connect the external drive to the electrical interface board.

Through Hole Components – With these components on the electrical interface board, you can make sure nothing falls due to a drop or vibration. Before you make a purchase, you should ask the manufacturer if he uses through hole or surface mount components. If surface mount components have been used, your USB drive may be unusable if it’s subjected to vibration or shock.

Operational Life and Warranty – Most external USB drives come with long operational life and warranty. You should still look for a device that offers 3-5 years warranty against drops. Since all warranties aren’t the same, you should read the warranty statement.

Large Capacity – When you want to backup data on the external USB drive, you need to focus on capacity. Whether it’s personal or business data, you will need more space to store photos, videos and other files. As mentioned earlier, you can easily buy a drive with 500 GB or more space at an affordable price.

Size and Performance – An external USB drive should be compact and small. Moreover, the standard transfer rate should be more than 15 MB/second. In order to ensure good performance, you should look for drives that off portability.

Compatibility – The external USB drive should be compatible with many interfaces, such as Firewire, USB 2.0, 5.25 Docking Bay, SATA and more. It should also come with pre-configured software to backup your data on a scheduled basis.

Using an external USB drive is the best backup strategy to make sure your data is always backed up and safe. If there’s a crash or system failure, you won’t have to worry about anything. You will be able to just plug in the drive into another computer and retrieve your data within minutes.

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